[Translate to English:] Teilnahmeberechtigung


The sports programme is open to all members of the h_da (students, trainees, teaching and other staff). After registering in the alumni member area, h_da alumni have the same conditions as staff with regard to taking part in university sports activities. Please send an alumni participation agreement ("Teilnahmeerklärung für Alumni") to the University Sports Office.

Different insurance cover and liability provisions apply to the various groups who are eligible to participate (see Insurance cover and liability). Other groups of people (including family members of the above groups) can take part in university sports at h_da as guests if places are available; registration is possible by email one week after the start of the regular registration period. Guests must sign a guest participation agreement ("Teilnahmeerklärung für Gäste") and pay a semester fee of € 15 (pupils, trainees, students of other universities/colleges) or € 30 (other guests).

Insurance cover

All students enrolled at h_da are legally insured for accidents which occur at official University Sports events. The precondition for cover under the statutory accident insurance policy is immediate notification of the accident in writing. The Darmstadt Student Union ("Studierendenwerk Darmstadt") is responsible for administration of the accident reports ("Unfallanzeige") for the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Students should therefore report any university sports accidents to Studierendenwerk Darmstadt immediately. The relevant department within Studierendenwerk is the Health Service ("Gesundheitsdienst"), Alarich-Weiss-Str. 3, room 102, Tel. 06151 - 16 29954.

In the event of accidents which occur during unsupervised sporting activities, insurance cover is provided under the leisure time accident insurance policy, for which Studierendenwerk Darmstadt is also responsible. Here too, the accident must be reported to Studierendenwerk immediately. Students from other Hessian higher education institutions are also covered by the insurance, but they must submit any claims to their own university.

The statutory accident insurance for workers and employees at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is governed by the Seventh Book of the German Social Code (SGB VII). Any accidents (insured events as defined in Section 193 SGB VII) must be reported to the "Unfallkasse Hessen" by the employer, i.e. via the respective superior. All accidents which occur while taking part in official regular University Sports events are covered by the institutionally organised sport insurance policy. In the case of civil servants, university sports-related accidents are not regarded as occupational accidents. Relatives of h_da university members count as guests for insurance purposes. The h_da accepts no liability whatsoever towards guests, alumni and other participants for damage or injury caused while participating in university sports. The University Sports office and its instructors accept no further liability for damage or injury to those participating in General University Sports activities.

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences accepts no liability for theft of or damage to private property. Participants are requested not to take valuables with them into the sports facilities.


Alumni and guests can also participate in h_da university sports. Please complete the alumni participation agreement ("Teilnahmeerklärung für Alumni") or the guest participation agreement ("Teilnahmeerklärung für Gäste").