"Pausenexpress" for the office

"Pausenexpress" for the office

The "Pausenexpress" (break-time express) for staff is an active, 15-minute break and is offered once a week jointly by the h_da University Sports and h_da Health Management departments. JOIN US – FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! Studies show that exercise and sport not only prevent tension and poor posture, but can also promote better concentration and enable you to work more effectively. 

Mobilisation, strengthening, stretching and relaxation exercises are performed (with and without equipment) under the guidance of trained instructors. No change of clothes is necessary for the exercises, and the trainers come to your workplace once a week at the booked time. Training takes place in groups of 4 to 8 people. The groups themselves are responsible for providing a suitable room at their place of work. 

The university management supports this health promotion scheme. That is why it is even possible to take part during working hours, assuming there is no urgent business to attend to and your direct superior is in agreement. 

The "Pausenexpress" is free.

Interested departments should send a mail to: